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Bayview Manor Foundation was founded in 1987. Its mission is to: help subsidize those residents who, through no fault of their own, are without the financial resources to continue to live with their friends and neighbors here at Bayview, enrich the retirement years of its residents, and fund other programs and services furthering Bayview’s mission.

The Bayview Manor Foundation raises charitable support for the mission, programs and residents of Bayview. The Foundation encourages and accepts gifts, bequests and contributions to:

Since its founding in 1987, the Foundations has donated over $5.1 million in support of 30 Bayview residents and just over  $1.5 million to the Skilled Nursing Center.



Nancy Jones*, President
Diann Barry, Vice-President/President-Elect
Lela Hailey-Oakes*, Secretary
Gary Hammons*, Treasurer
Jan Anderson
Bruce Galvin
Allyn Hughes
Nicole Schafer
Barb Ranta*
Barbara Weinberg*

*Bayview Resident


Milt Becker*
Dominick Driano
Linda Taggart*

You can donate online by clicking on the Donate button below, or by check. To donate by check, mail your gift to:

Bayview Manor Foundation
11 W Aloha St
Seattle, WA 98119

For more information on ways you can give to the Foundation now, during your lifetime or through your estate, please contact us at 206.301.4342 or

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11 West Aloha Street

Seattle, WA 98119

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