Meals of culinary poetry.

Bayview sources fresh, seasonal and locally grown produce from Pike Place Market for healthy, delicious meals. Dan Galvin, Bayview’s Director of Dining Services, hails from the renowned Maximilien, a French restaurant located in Pike Place Market. Dan and his team together create a wonderful culinary experience in soon-to-be-three dining venues known as the Patio Bistro, Emerald Dining Room and Skyview Dining & Event Space.

Emerald Dining Room.

Bayview’s main dining room with garden views serves three meals a day.

Pickles’ Bistro.

Our new bistro is on the Patio level and has it’s own entrance. It’s the perfect place to grab a snack or meet up with a friend for coffee.

Skyview Dining & Event Space.

With 360-degree views of the sun, city, and Sound, Skyview dining serves breakfast as well as hosts chef’s dinners, wine tastings and resident-reserved special events.

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