Bayview is fighting ageism by shifting mindsets through our Age-Up Program. The AgeUp Campaign began in October 2016 with a big vision and a small taskforce at Bayview.

Learn more about AgeUp by visiting the website.

Our mission statement says it all:

“To create a world where the possibilities of aging are not limited by perceptions or expectations of the general public or among elders themselves—a world where ageism does not exist, where elders and ‘wise-eldering’ are valued and balanced equally with the contributions of other age groups.”

The AgeUp Taskforce expanded in 2017 to include Bayview residents and additional staff to promote transformational images and experiences of aging in our community and beyond. Why? Because research shows that how we internalize images and messages of aging impacts how we age.

One of our most exciting projects has been a partnership between AgeUp and Seattle Pacific University’s Psychology Department. This partnership involves a study which is being led by Dr. Michael Roe and student researchers and features an ongoing study of well-being and attitudes toward aging at Bayview.

We have also placed the first AgeUp public service photo on the back of our facility’s van, highlighting an image of one of our residents! Look for positive aging imagery and messaging on city buses as well. Our newsletter is focused on various aspects of positive aging (such as brain research, the benefits of a “culture of giving,” and what “AgeUp” is all about). We will continue to publish resources, articles, and guest contributors on a variety of related topics.

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