Our Intergenerational Children’s Center.

We believe that intergenerational relationships, such as the bond created between grandparents and grandchildren, are an essential part of life. For children, it provides connection with the past and opportunity to grow and learn from their elders. For seniors, it fosters a vital sense of meaning, contribution and connection to the next generation.

An innovative approach to early childhood education.

Our approach to early childhood education employs an interconnected web of educational practices grounded in the innate curiosity, competence, and enthusiasm children have for learning. Accompanied by their teacher, children participate in planned and spontaneous activities throughout the campus with Bayview residents. Through these daily interactions, the children and the residents create meaningful connections between generations, which helps to foster positive attitudes and understanding towards both seniors and people with disabilities. As children interact on a daily basis with their extended family of “grandmas and the grandpas,” they bring joy and receive genuine appreciation in return.

Reaching Milestones Together.

With four dedicated classrooms, our center serves 44 children, ages three months to five years old. We have a spacious indoor play area, a secured outdoor playground, which includes riding toys, coupe cars and helmets. Teachers serve as facilitators and coaches to guide children to meet their developmental milestones.

Our hours of operation are 7:00am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday.

Tours of the center can be arranged by calling (206) 281-5786.

For more information contact:
Heather Cross, Director of Intergenerational Children’s Center

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