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Dorothy’s Place secure memory care facility in Seattle, WA boasts the same extensive, high-level services offered in Assisted Living, coupled with Alzheimer’s care and dementia care that supports each individual by engaging them in their memory care community in a purposeful way.  Passion for the person is our specialty. Our small memory care community, made up of only 10 studio memory care apartments, enables seniors to not only function, but thrive, in an enriched and supportive environment. Our secure memory care facility offers a peace of mind for family members with loved ones in our dementia care.


If you are interested in learning more about our memory care facility in Downtown Seattle, check out our memory care pricing. For all Memory Care inquiries, please contact Jill Chang, Director of Sales & Marketing at 206-281-5744 |

What is memory care?

Dorothy’s Place Memory Care is an environment that provides specialized support for people with memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer’s. Dorothy’s Place has 10 secure, single memory care apartment suites equipped with a bathroom and kitchenette.

How to know when memory care is needed?

When it becomes difficult to care for someone with severe memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease or dementia at home. In addition, when it is unsafe for your loved one to be living at home alone. A memory care residence provides a secure setting and community.

How do we choose the right memory care setting?

We encourage you to look at the layout, physical environment, and size of the memory care residence you are researching. Bayview’s memory care is smaller, which means lower staff to resident ratio. With a smaller setting, there is increased memory support, more structure, and less stimuli for your loved one. Once you’ve narrowed your choices, visit each memory care residence. Food, activities, staff, availability of continuing care are all important factors to consider.

What is the staff to resident ratio?

Our memory care staff to resident ratio is 1 to 5 residents. Bayview’s memory care staff also undergo extensive dementia care training.

When should you make the move from assisted living to memory care?

While this answer requires an in depth conversation in person, here are few tips in understanding the transition from assisted living to memory care. At Bayview, the conversation typically begins with the family and our social worker. A memory care community is a very unique setting and is often not a one size fits all. Therefore, a crucial conversation with our social worker allows an opportunity to have all your questions answered.

What is the difference between memory care and assisted living?

Memory care offers an environment with more advanced memory support and security. Assisted Living is focused on environment and memory care is focused on a medical model.

Is there a secure wanderguard system in place?

For Bayview’s memory care, there is a secure wanderguard system in place if applicable.

Do you have a visiting physician?

Memory care residents have access to a visiting physician and medical care. Bayview also offers on-site skilled nursing and senior rehabilitation as well.

What is programming like?

Living in a memory care community provides programming targeted to people with varying levels of memory loss. Activities include music therapy, intergenerational programming, and so much more.

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