January 21, 2021

Douglas Weisfield – Finding Creative Ways to Connect Amidst a Global Pandemic

Douglas Weisfield moved into Bayview in March of 2018 with his wife, Elaine. Since then, he has found a sense of community at Bayview in many different ways, including being involved with the Intergenerational Children’s Center (ICC).

Before COVID-19, Douglas would go to the children’s center once a week to read to the kids. Douglas would pick books, and bring along special toys with him, making sure to keep track of what kids got to play with the toys each week so they would take turns. He even has special voices he uses when reading – as any good reading should. Douglas embodies the purpose of the ICC – a way to nurture and enhance the lives of the children as well as the residents through these special relationships.

Once COVID-19 hit the United States, health and safety guidelines at Bayview prevented him from his weekly visits to the ICC, but that did not stop Douglas. Douglas filmed a video of himself reading two different children’s books that Bayview’s ICC director, Mary Ho, can show the children who are also missing their interactions with residents.

In an interview with Douglas, he explained that he would not feel as fulfilled without the opportunities the ICC gives him. He has nine grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. The closest ones live “across the sea”, he says, in Sammamish, while the farthest ones live all the way in Israel. So having the opportunity to spread his knowledge and love for reading to future generations just downstairs from where he lives is special. He is excited to share his video with them as well.

“I like to do things and give up myself to help others, the ICC is one more thing to do”, says Weisfield. “That’s a unique thing”.

Bayview is so lucky to have residents like Douglas who come up with creative ways to continue filling Bayview with joy despite a global pandemic. Watch Douglas’s video and share it with the children in your lives!

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