January 18, 2017

Homes We Have Known

Category: Residents

Author: Bayview

By Resident MaryLee Maher

The first month I moved here, our writing instructor at Bayview, Joanne, asked us, her students, to write about “Homes We Have Known.” I decided to write about my new home at Bayview.

My studio is small but comfortable with two windows, one facing east and the sun rising in the morning warming my little room. And another window facing north with an outlook on an old oak tree with golden wet leaves. There is cross ventilation for fresh air. The size of my studio does not leave much room for clutter, and thus, happily, I have fewer distractions.

I live on Queen Anne Avenue, and it is admittedly a little noisy in the busy mornings and evenings. But then I turn on my fan, for the grey noise, and I pretend the traffic is the hum of the ocean waves curling on my shore. I can watch people getting on and off the number 2 and 13 buses, and sometimes that is a real show. I find it amazing how many times the bus driver will wait for a passenger running up or down the hill to get to the bus. There is compassion on Queen Anne Hill!

Safety is high on my priorities for community. I have observed the Bayview Staff on both the Front and “A” desks, our Concierge, all the Maintenance Helpers, and even the Construction Workers being attuned to our safety. They are vigilant for us. And we must not forget all the other functions like our “Weekly” news, the monthly Bayviews, in house mail, events, entertainment, van runs, meetings, maintenance, health services, etc. to name just a few of the functions they do to keep Bayview running so well. I also love that the Cleaning Staff keeps my studio sparkling.

I did not bring a couch to my studio as it would not have fit. With a double bed, two roll-around chairs, a table, desk, a bookcase with some drawers for folded clothes, a TV (that my son has figured out how to run my computer through, so I need only one screen), there is not a lot of room for anything else. The less stuff I have, the more time I have to write, play scrabble, go to the many classes and cultural offerings here, and help others.

After moving to Bayview, I am thankful to have less responsibility in my life: I have given up my car, and do not have to worry about maintenance, tags, insurance, tickets, robberies, and the horror of having an accident. I feel very comfortable about not buying gasoline and oil, with all those problems. I am for alternative forms of energy. Taking the bus and having a smaller footprint makes me feel like I am helping somewhat to offset some of our planet’s problems.

We are blessed to have two super van drivers. They give us great assistance getting us to and from the places we need to go with safety and cheer. Food is no longer a worry as our dining staff sees to that. I appreciate the good food we are offered. Our attentive staff offers all manner of choices, and our beautiful new dining room is most inviting.

Many residents are helping make Bayview a community. There are charities offered through Bayview. There is BINGO, game night, a gym with a helpful staff, and movies — so all can partake of, and get to know one another. When I lived in my condo in North Seattle, people did not know or care to know each other. They rushed into their homes and quickly closed their doors to any communication. I found that sad, and I’m delighted to be here where we talk to and help each other. I believe that is why we are here — to communicate. I am grateful that my new home helps me live in a more peaceful open place.

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