July 23, 2019

Meet Nahleen Salvador

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Bayview’s New Director of Wellness

1. Tell us about your background:

I was born and raised in Seattle but eventually moved to New York to complete both my Bachelor’s Degree in Dance and Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology. I am also a certified personal trainer. After countless modern dance performances and 5 years of teaching exercise science, I felt a new chapter in my life was on the horizon. I eventually made the move from New York to Seattle to be closer to family and to bring my knowledge and experiences back to the West Coast. I began my journey with Bayview in 2017.

2. You’re in a new role as Director of Wellness here at Bayview. What is your vision for Bayview and the community?

As I’ve gone through my career in the fitness industry, I want to be able to expose residents, staff, and community members to as many different movements, intensities, and ideas as possible! You often hear people constantly say, “I need to go to the gym.”  It’s a battle in your mind and a built up of pressure from what other people are doing or saying. People then become discouraged to go to the gym. I actually stopped working out for a long time because I felt too much of that pressure – it was counterproductive. I want to be that person that untangles all of that. I also want to show that no matter your age, you can make movement a part of your life. I firmly believe moving keeps you going.

3. Bayview’s Wellness Center is called THRIVE. What is THRIVE?

When I think of THRIVE, I think of fullness like a garden. A thriving garden under optimal conditions requires persistence, consistency, cultivation, and care. With a thriving garden or fitness routine, you can’t force progress. For our THRIVE wellness center, we consider the whole person. A fun part of my job is hearing what people desire and what their goals are. I have the tools and knowledge to assess what people can do physically. Meshing these two together can produce a sustainable regiment. I want people to be able to carry out their exercises without relying on me. It’s a beautiful thing to see people take charge.

4. What is one interesting thing that people may not know about you?

I am a student of human movement. It is said that movement is life, therefore, I am also a student of life. I volunteer with kids elementary through high school age with my martial arts group and I also teach kettlebell fitness classes to adults. In my role as Director of Wellness at Bayview, I am excited to complete the lifespan of the groups of people I work with. We all move the same and we all have potential. We can raise our arms, push and pull, twist, bend sideways. Within this, no matter your abilities or limitations – arthritis or if you’re in a wheelchair – you can still move. It just may not look like how I do it or how another person does it. I will never limit someone – I see them at their full potential.

5. What do you do for fun?

Kettlebell competition, Filipino martial arts to stay in touch with my culture, wine, hanging out with my nephew and nieces, fishing with my boyfriend.

To learn more about our Wellness Center contact Nahleen Salvador, Director of Wellness, 206.281.5767 or nsalvador@bayviewseattle.org.

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