February 24, 2021

Top 4 Reasons to Join Our Waitlist

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Author: Bayview

You’ve made the decision to put your house on the market. You’ve decided now is the time to downsize. You want to spend less time maintaining your home and more time and energy to develop and grow in new ways. By now, you’ve already taken the right steps in researching different Life Plan Communities and ready to move! However, when you call your community of choice, they inform you that they are at full occupancy and have a year-long wait before you can move in.

Here at Bayview, we want to help you avoid running into the above scenario. The best way to take out the uncertainty and stress of transitioning to a senior living community is by joining a waitlist. Here are our top 4 reasons to join Bayview’s waitlist:

  1. You’ll be the first to know when your dream apartment is available. When you join our waitlist, you’ll select your top three preferences for apartment sizes, such as a 1-bedroom with a balcony view. Your name is then added to our list and reserves your place in line. Once a spot opens up in one of your preferred apartments, you will be notified and will have the option to take the available residence or wait until the next desired apartment becomes available.
  2. Reduce your anxiety about the future. Too often, people start looking for senior living options after a need arises and scramble for information. Joining our waitlist puts you in control of your future. In addition, through exclusive events (listed below), you have the opportunity to build connections with your future neighbors.
  3. Take advantage of our exclusive benefits. A spot on the waitlist includes a free membership to our fitness center and therapy pool, as well as access to special events and much more. A “foot in the door” provides a glimpse of your future home and an opportunity to cultivate friendships with your future neighbors. While the pandemic has temporarily placed some limitations on amenities, Bayview has found creative ways in keeping our wait listers engaged!
  4. Low risk and minimal financial cost to join: Waitlist deposits can vary from community to community. Bayview’s waitlist flat fee cost $1000 per person. If you are on the waitlist and do not end up moving in, there is an 85% refund on your deposit. If you decide to move in, the waitlist deposit becomes your application fee when you move in, meaning there are no extra fees.

“I often hear prospective residents say that they are too young for a senior living community or they are not ready for this,’” says Lea Miller, Bayview’s Director of Sales. “However, after moving in, they find themselves saying ‘why didn’t I do this sooner!?”

Moving into a Life Plan Community now on your own terms while young and active gives you the ability to adjust within the community should a future need arises. A full range of supportive services are available from assisted living and memory care to skilled nursing care, offering peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

Join our waitlist to secure your future with Bayview. Please contact Lea Miller at 206-281-5744 or lmiller@bayviewseattle.org.

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