March 10, 2023

A Heartfelt Letter to A New Resident

Moving to a Life Plan Community can be filled with both trepidation and excitement. In new residents Dee Dee and Scott’s case, they were making the monumental move from out of state. Bayview resident Susan decided to write a heartfelt letter to prospective resident Dee Dee. Susan knew firsthand the anxiety that comes with moving. Written with love and empathy, take a look at the unlikely but necessary connection made across the states. Oh, and Dee Dee and Scott are now officially Bayview residents.

Dear Dee Dee,

I know and understand how difficult this next part of the journey can be. As a single woman, I had to do this on my own, and I underwent a great deal of anxiety and doubt in the midst of this overwhelming process. I went to bed many a night in tears regarding whether this was the right move at the right time. Intellectually, I knew this is what I wanted due to my decades in elder care management and had worked in many of the facilities I was considering, but emotionally it was difficult. I had to downsize from a 1600 square foot townhome to a 648 square foot apartment. My house was furnished with my grandmother’s lovely antiques which had come down from my mother to me. My attachment to these possessions which had brought me comfort and solace over the years was huge. To add insult to injury, none of these antiques had any value in WA state. No antique dealer was interested. I had to let them go to Goodwill. In addition, you are having to leave your home and travel to an area you are unfamiliar with plus leaving your pet. Yikes! That is enough to fell the strongest among us. It is definitely an Everest climb.

That being said, I can truly tell you there is light at the end of the tunnel, and you will get through this one step at a time. I am so happy and content at Bayview, and they bent over backward to insure a smooth move-in. There may be small glitches along the way, but be assured it will all work out. I have mentored a number of people moving into Bayview and for the most part the moves have been smooth and problem free. One of the things that makes for an easier move is hiring a move-in specialist to help with the move on moving day. You are coming from a long distance, so they will not be able to help with packing up, but they could be here on moving day, unpack, put everything away, make up your bed, set up your kitchen, take away all the boxes and packing material, etc. At the end of the day, you are moved in and settled. All that is left is hanging pictures which Bayview will do for you.

As much as I tried to downsize, I realized on move-in, I had brought too much. I spent the following day continuing to cull and packed up 8 more boxes for Goodwill. I hired one of the movers to come back and take it away. Most of us have to do some semblance of this. In the end, I do not miss any of what I gave away, and my apartment is uncluttered and finally feels like home. (I have been here 3 ½ years.)

I so look forward to meeting you, and greeting you at this end of your journey. I know and understand the fortitude and courage it takes to make this decision and then make it happen.

Warmly, Susan

11 West Aloha Street

Seattle, WA 98119

Phone: (206) 284-7330