October 3, 2017

Bayview Welcomes Allen Raymond

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Author: Bayview

By Resident Flo Lentz

Due to a rather miraculous happening at Christmas time last year, Allen Raymond is now an enthusiastic resident at Bayview.  Allen had left the wintry cold of Marquette, MI, for a yuletide visit to his daughter, Licia, a physician, who lives on Queen Anne, and to his Bayview resident cousins, Margaret Starbird and her husband, Ed.  In 2015, Allen had lost his wife of some 60 years, Ellie, and so had been living alone.  When Licia introduced him to Bayview, he was struck with the sociable, community feel here which contrasted with the more isolating, though comfortable condominium back in Marquette.  It didn’t take long—he decided, while here, to leave his long-time home, and made the move.  He is very happy with his decision.

Allen is accustomed to moving.  One of eight children of career Army parents he was born in Colon, Panama.  (To this day he has no proof of U.S. citizenship!)  Stations at Governor’s Island, New York, then Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas and Florida (again) followed Panama; he attended 5 elementary schools.  When it came time for college, he passed a highly competitive exam to enter The United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, and was awarded a Presidential Appointment.  In attending West Point Allen followed in the footsteps of generations of forebears back to 1824.  West Point runs in the family!  He graduated in 1955.

Earlier that year, on a blind date, Allen met his wife-to-be, Ellie.  They were married in December, and in 1956 were sent to Germany.  Two children were born there:  Dwight and Licia.  At Princeton, NJ, where Allen went to graduate school, Jorie was born.  Ted followed, born at West Point where Allen instructed for four years, teaching economics and international relations.

Marquette, MI is the home of North Michigan University and Allen’s final duty was there as Head of the Department of Military Service (ROTC).  Here Ellie found time to earn her B.A. degree.  They chose Marquette for retirement and spent over 40 happy years in that northern city.  Allen taught at the university for 10 years.  Ellie loved animals, so at their country home, they kept 2 horses, 5 dogs, 2 cats, 18 ducks and 2 goats.  Ellie started a feed store (MARES-E-DOATS) to help with the costs!  Allen enjoyed sailing; he also, he tells me, likes chess, cross-word puzzles, and is a Master Gardener.  Now he remains on 4 boards concerned with low-cost housing back in Marquette.  His 4 children and 9 grandchildren also hold his interest:

Dwight, in Carlisle, PA, a retired Colonel, works for the Institute for Peace and Stability Operations.  He and Yourgae have 2 children.  Licia is a physician here on Queen Anne, mother of 3.  Jorie, married with 4 children, has an unusual occupation:  she arranges dressage clinics with the Spanish Riding School in Vienna!  Son Ted remains in Marquette and is a Senior Investigator with MI Liquor Control Commission.  He is step-father of two.

Allen you are most welcome here at Bayview!  We wish you good times for many years to come!  And Readers:  if you have not already met this interesting, friendly, and very entertaining man, do so soon!


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