July 24, 2020

Annual Appeal: Bayview Manor Foundation

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Author: Bayview

Support Bayview During These Unprecedented Times

Who knew we would be writing this in the midst of a global pandemic? We are in unchartered waters, with COVID-19 affecting nearly every aspect of our lives; our community is no exception. However, the primary mission of Bayview Manor Foundation remains certain: to help those residents of Bayview who, through no fault of their own, are without sufficient financial resources to continue to live with their friends and neighbors at Bayview.  We are asking for your financial support in order to sustain and grow the Foundation’s ability to support Bayview residents far into the future.

Bayview Manor Foundation’s primary task is not to budget program costs, but to ensure assets are available to support residents in need. Requests for subsidy are submitted (anonymously) by Bayview to the Foundation for approval. The Foundation has been able to consistently meet the subsidy request through a combination of donor gifts and bequests, and yield from its investment portfolio. From 1987 through 2019, the Foundation has provided $3.6 million in support of: rent subsidies for Independent and Assisted Living residents, uncompensated care in Bayview’s Skilled Nursing & Rehab Center, and funding of other programs and services to benefit Bayview residents.

To strengthen its ability to provide for Bayview residents, Bayview Manor Foundation planned an aggressive campaign to raise “$220K (thousand) in 2020” to ensure long term sustainability of the Foundation. Members of Bayview Manor Foundation’s Board and Bayview’s Board of Trustees have pledged over $36,000 to the “$220K in 2020” campaign to encourage donations from others.

COVID-19 disrupted plans. In response, Bayview Manor Foundation revised its aggressive challenge to a softer approach. The need is – and will continue to be – still here, but it is recognized there are also other needs engendered by the pandemic.  Please give as you are able, via online at   www.bayviewseattle.org/donate, but don’t feel more “challenged” than you already are by the current crisis. Keep in mind, also, that a planned gift (e.g. estate bequest, IRA distribution, etc.) is another great option.

Bayview Manor Foundation has been a proud partner of Bayview for 33 years and is now especially proud to work with Bayview’s extraordinary team in its care for residents during these abnormal times. We’re a true community filled with creativity, positivity, humor and high morale in support of each other. We are all in this journey together – now and always – with love and commitment.

Stay well, stay safe, and thank you for your support.

Bayview Manor Foundation

11 West Aloha Street

Seattle, WA 98119

Phone: (206) 284-7330