November 3, 2016

Rebuilding Your Own Physical Infrastructure: Ken Deering’s Story

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Author: Bayview

By Janelle Ansell, Bayview Health Services Administrator

The teams at Bayview are busy with more than just replenishing the building infrastructure. The Health Services Team includes a variety of top notch therapists to help you rebuild your own physical infrastructure. When you or someone you love needs a place to recover from a medical procedure, the Bayview Nursing and Rehab Center is waiting to support you. Our skilled therapists treat people impacted by different conditions including orthopedic injuries (joint, muscle, tendon pain) or joint replacement, neurological injuries (stroke, Parkinson’s, MS), and cardiopulmonary diseases (COPD, heart failure). In fact, Bayview is highly respected and has many great success stories:

Ken Deering’s Story:
Ken Deering arrived at the Bayview Nursing and Rehab Center in February of 2016 following a hospitalization for a stroke. Ken says,

“The doctors wondered whether I would ever recover. But thanks to Bayview, I can do things that I thought I could never do.”

Ken worked diligently with the Nursing and Rehab staff every day. After 4 months, he moved into Bayview’s Assisted Living Residence. This enabled him to transition to a more independent environment but continued to work with the Rehab Team (on an outpatient basis) to continue his work towards recovery. After another 3 months of great success and hard work Ken moved back into his home in the community. Ken says,

“Going home will be a mixed blessing because I’ve made a lot of friends here among the staff. The staff are all very committed to doing a very good job.”

Here at Bayview we take great pride in helping individuals rebuild their infrastructure. Our spectrum of care services are designed to get you back home and on your feet as soon as possible. Come visit us in the Terrace Building for more information!

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