July 19, 2019

Bayview Successfully Completes Seafair Milk Carton Derby

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Author: Bayview

For the second year in a row, Bayview residents were the first and only team of seniors to enter Seafair’s 47th Annual Milk Carton Derby. July 13th marked another successful run in the nonprofit category, as Bayview’s “Aloha” completed the 300-yard course in under six minutes. A healthy cheer of “Bayview! Bayview! Bayview!” from the mass of spectators assembled on the shore encouraged Bayview residents and paddlers Ted Rodgers, John Marshall, and Tom Lemly from start to finish.

When Captain Ted and his wife, Barbara, moved to Bayview, he felt like the new kid on the block. He wanted to be helpful where he could and the derby competition seemed like the perfect opportunity to contribute to the Bayview community. He joined half a dozen residents to prepare an entry.  Residents, staff and the families of our Children’s Center also collected hundreds of milk cartons to build the boat.

On the day of the race, the energy was high and colorful, creative boats lined up along the shores of Green Lake. People from all ages and sizes participated in this year’s race. While Ted shared that there wasn’t a particular magic moment, “the competitiveness was largely within ourselves. Could we both mentally and physically build a boat that would successfully take part at the derby?”

“Our residents continue to be a source of inspiration as they model courage, fearlessness, and plain old grit!” said Nancy Weinbeck, CEO of Bayview.

The determination of team Bayview took them from start to finish, truly showing that you’re never too old to try something new! Bayview plans to enter next year’s Milk Carton Derby again with hopes that other retirement communities will join in on the fun.

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