March 8, 2021

Bayview’s 60th Anniversary: A Year Long Celebration

Written by Bayview resident Sue Ranney

Hallie Graham must have been excited, and perhaps a little anxious, on April 5, 1961 – the day the first residents moved into Bayview.  Hallie was one of a long list who had pre-subscribed to Bayview, the promised new “Modern Residence for the Golden Years” on Queen Anne.  She had a special interest; her son’s firm, John Graham & Co., provided the architecture for Bayview.  Hopefully, he’d listened to her suggestions. With Bayview completed, Graham & Co. were focusing on getting approval for their next project – a 550-foot Century 21 Space Needle structure. Living at Bayview, Hallie would have a perfect viewpoint for watching the Space Needle rise from the ground.

Hallie had spent time living in California but knew this part of Seattle well.  The family lived on Queen Anne Hill when John was young. They were all familiar with the old Kinnear mansion. The razing of the mansion and building of Bayview was a big change for the neighborhood, but Methodist minister Cyrus Albertson had done an excellent job of leading the team in assessing Charles Kinnear’s bequest of the land and coming up with a plan. Bayview was born. Hallie got moved in, joined the community, and spent 14 years at Bayview, living to the age of 92.

senior living event bayview seattleOn April 5, 2021, Bayview will honor its 60th anniversary and, negotiating the COVID-19 restrictions, begin a year-long celebration of its 61st year.  If Hallie could join us, she would be impressed with the persistence of the vision of Bayview as a trailblazing alternative for aging. The caring community of residents and staff has flourished over the 60 years, in 1995 incorporating a new Intergenerational Childcare Center. The 1995 renovation also included expanded care facilities, a terrace, and an indoor swimming pool. In 2016 the pool and fitness area were enlarged and enhanced, as were the dining facilities and resident apartments.  The talents and adventurous spirit of Bayview residents continue to impress.  Please join us as we celebrate Bayview’s amazing 60 years.

Stay tuned for more announcements on all things 60th anniversary related!

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