October 27, 2023

Meet Gabriella Loya: Director of Social Services

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Author: bayview

Tell us about yourself

I have a deep love for social work, it is all I know! I graduated from Seattle Pacific University and immediately jumped into being a social worker in a skilled nursing environment. I had no idea what I was getting myself into at the time, but I sure am glad I went for it because I do not foresee myself ever straying from this field. I find my job to be the most exciting, fulfilling, interesting, and growth filled on a daily basis, what more could I ask for in a career? Outside of work, I have a husband, doggo, two kitties, and a baby on the way who I love with all my heart. I am not sure how I can love my little family more every day, but I do. We live in a home in Lake Forest Park which we adore, close enough to the city where all our friends live and also just a short drive from our families.

My husband and I both grew up in the Seattle area, born and raised! We plan to never leave, we love Washington very much. We enjoy camping with our pup in the Summer’s and Fall, cozy fires in the house all Winter long, dinner parties at our home filled with friends and family, traveling when we can, I love to cook and host, and we have recently found ourselves in a major nesting mode getting ready for our first baby’s arrival this Winter. I look forward to getting to know each resident more and more over time, Bayview seems to be a very special place and I am so grateful I have found myself here!

The role of a Social worker is so critical to LPCs like Bayview. Can you tell us about your role and its impact?

As a social worker, in any environment I work in, I view my job as most importantly an advocate. I take that part of my job very seriously, at the end of the day it is my responsibility to do all that I can and utilize all the resources I know to ensure each person is receiving the care, respect, and services that they need. I find as a social worker, most situations I am faced with are far from simple, nothing is black and white. It is a matter of getting creative in order to find a path that works for each individual, where there is a will there is a way! I encourage people to come to me for anything, if I do not know the answer or cannot help, I will be sure to find the right person for the resident to go to. I am happy to stop what I am doing, listen and support, that’s my biggest goal each day.

A major part of my role here at Bayview is to assist with any and all transitions of care. If that means you are planning for surgery and want to know what the plan is for post surgery, or if there is an emergency and decisions of care need to be made quickly. I am here to guide the residents and their families through any transition period.

What is the difference between the levels of care that Bayview provides (IL, AL, MC, SNF)?

The different levels of care of exactly that, just different care needs for different people. The beautiful thing about Bayview is that there is no direction that anyone is supposed to or expected to move through the care levels. Life happens and everyone needs different types of support at different times in their lives. This could be moving from one level of care to another and then back to no care.

We are a community; we are here to support everyone in their journey whatever that may look like. IL is independent living; this would be for folks that are independent with their daily activities. AL is assisted living; this would be an environment where there is support from caregivers with as little or as much help with someone’s daily activities. MC is memory care, this environment is much more specific to individuals with memory diagnoses like Dementia or Alzheimer’s, this is a secure unit which allows secure and safety for people who may wander or become disoriented easily. The SNF is skilled nursing, this is a rehab environment with intensive physical and occupational therapy along with nursing services. This can be a place for individuals to live longer term with higher care needs, or it can be a short term stay to get stronger and return to prior living.

Anything else you would like to share with the greater community?

I am eager to learn and grow in this position here at Bayview. Some of my favorite time spent here is in the elevators, I have got to know many of the residents and I love the chance to meet and have a quick chat. Thank you for the warm welcome I have already received.

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