November 10, 2022

Meet Marco Baumann: Director of Resident Operations

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Author: Nancy Weinbeck

Bayview’s New Director of Resident Operations

Marco Baumann has been hired as Bayview’s new Director of Resident Operations. Formerly Vice President of Operations for the Stay Pineapple hotels, Marco oversees the operations of all independent living at Bayview. (Image above Marco and Mary Body, President of Bayview Residents’ Council).

What lead you to Bayview?
After a decades-long career in hospitality, working at multiple service levels in Europe and in the United States, I was afforded the opportunity to imagine the next fifteen years of my career and to choose precisely how I wanted to use my experience to truly make a difference.

When I learned about Bayview’s mission to transform the experience of aging to deliver life’s potential, it was truly the professional calling I could not have imagined would come to me. I’m absolutely blown away by the chance to participate and direct the enrichment of the lives of the incredible residents and their families whom we serve. It’s an honor to serve the families of Bayview.

Tell us about your role at Bayview.
In my role as Director of Resident Operations, I’m responsible for leading the delivery of the promise to enrich and facilitate resident life at Bayview. My daily involvement with the operation teams and the Bayview community leads to an incredibly diverse set of duties, all of which are aimed at making operations flow ensuring each resident’s specific needs are not only met but anticipated. We make no bones about driving Bayview to be known as the Premier Senior Living community in the region and beyond. Providing services at the highest level is our mandate and I am proud to say that the caring and attention of our staff is beautiful to experience.

What is your vision for Bayview and the community?
Bayview has cared for our best generations for many years. I look forward to building on the enormous warmth and care with which our team serves our residents by curating personalized experiences for each member of our community. We have the nurturing devotion of our staff members to make it happen. We aim to provide personal experiences to promote not only our mission, but to enhance the experience of aging at Bayview.

What is one thing people may not know about you?
Not much. I am not very complex to figure out. I love my family; I love to care for our resident community and team members. Our daughter makes us extremely proud. I love to travel domestically and internationally, and I find as much comfort while chatting over a glass of wine in my living room with friends as I do at a heavy metal concert with my wife. 

To learn more about Resident Services, contact Marco Baumann, Director of Resident Operations, 206.281.5759 or

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