August 16, 2016

Meet Volunteer Morgan Wood

Category: Community

Author: Bayview

An Uncanny Sensitivity and Compassion for Others

Morgan – born at 1.5 pounds with an infection that ravaged half of his body—started life with a fight on his hands. But he made it with a mighty will to live. Then at age seven he was diagnosed on the high-functioning end of the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Through the crucible of his challenges—including chronic physical pain—he developed an uncanny sensitivity and compassion for others.

Morgan’s beloved Grandma “Bubba” with whom he was very close, succumbed to cancer in 2008. Following her death, Morgan went into a funk. Then to heal, he realized that he “just needed to be around people like grandma.” Since then, as a volunteer, Morgan has become vital to helping seniors with special needs in Bayview’s Activity Center. He reads stories, helps with meals and exercises, and connects on a deep level with people who have struggles not unlike his own.

Volunteer Coordinator Lynn Arntuffus says “Morgan always comes into the activity room with a big smile and greeting. He treats everyone with dignity and special attention. We are extremely happy that he is part of the Bayview family.”

At Bayview, Morgan has a place that is just right for him. Because of Morgan, seniors with special challenges enjoy a happier life.

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