November 1, 2019

The ABCs of Bayview

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Activities Our Residents Enjoy

Resident MaryLee Mahar began updating her November calendar when all of a sudden, feelings of gratitude overwhelmed her as she approached Thanksgiving. She proceeded to note all the classes and activities that filled in her little square dates. For fun and just to see how much there was, MaryLee made a list in alphabetical order of just SOME of the activities she enjoyed here at Bayview. We want to thank MaryLee for sharing with us some of the things that make our community better.

By Resident MaryLee Mahar

AgeUp, where residents discuss how we age successfully. It’s very positive. We also do podcasts online to whoever wants to listen at I always feel better after we all converse together and some-times solve some problems.

Bazaar, where we all volunteer and make money for deserving community groups. A wonderful activity to bring us all together for great causes.

Beer classes. Making and tasting!

BBQ’s on holidays, sometimes out-side on the terrace.

Coffee with Nancy our CEO. A great time to have almost a one on one with Nancy. I truly appreciate her transparency about Bayview, not to mention her patience with us.

Dinners out on the third Thursday nights. Fun restaurants to visit and the van takes and brings us home!

Holiday Fund where we gather money for our wonderful staff and then have a big party for them with lots of dancing involved.

Jazz nights with great groups playing for us.

Manors at the Manor where students from Coe Elementary join residents for lunch and a chat. Then we all write sweet notes to one another thanking each other for attending.

Meditation to help calm us.

Pub Nights, overlooking our Seattle, to help calm us!

Plays from inside and outside our community.

Poetry. There is a book of resident poetry in the library that many have contributed to.

Pool exercises.

Reading to our Intergenerational students in our daycare. The children love to come up to the library and have a special reading time.

Resident Council meetings where we learn about what’s going on at Bayview.


Shero’s, a woman’s group, checking “in” to see how we all are.


Social Hours to get to know each other better.

Summer Sale where we donate our unused items and make money for the Res-ident council.

Symphony Concerts at noon in Benaroya Hall with van delivery and pick up.

Tea Dancing in the lobby.

Theology – about religions of the world with our Chaplin.

Town Halls where we get to voice our pros and cons at Bayview.



Winemaking and tasting



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