May 2, 2024

Meet Candace Bell: Her Journey from Alaska to Bayview

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Author: Liz Anderson

Candace spent much of her life living in Western Washington, and much of her adult life living in
Alaska. Many years ago, a friend of hers spoke about a senior living community in Seattle that they were a strong supporter of, as they believed that no senior should have to worry about their financial outlook in the future. That senior living community was Bayview, and their support was for the Foundation. Candace kept this in the back of her mind as she knew her dear friend would only support a sound organization.

After a few decades of living in Alaska, Candace was ready to move back to Seattle to be able to visit her children easily and to rejoin her home community. She was living in her Eastlake condo when one of her kids, who lives in Queen Anne, asked her to pick up her grandchild from daycare (featured image of Candace and Grandson). They told her to head to Bayview and look for the Intergenerational Children’s Center. Candace then realized that Bayview was not only home to a wonderful childcare center, but it was also the place that her friend had supported many years ago. When it came time for her to move closer to her children in Queen Anne, Bayview was the obvious choice.

Since moving to Bayview, Candace has become an enthusiastic supporter of the Foundation and recently joined the Foundation Board. Candace is one of the many residents who represent a legacy of loyalty to Bayview and the Foundation.

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Written by Liz Anderson, Development Manager

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